A Public Liability Claim, colloquially referred to as a slip and fall claim is a claim for dama public-liability-imgges arising from personal injury suffered in a public place. This can be at a park, on a footpath, in a shopping centre and private locations such as homes, reception lounges and so forth.

Some typical examples of public liability claims include:

  • Slip and fall claims at shopping centres
  • Trip and fall claims on footpaths
  • Claim for injuries caused by defective products
  • Sporting accidents
  • Accidents at school either in the class room or in the playground
  • Injuries at home caused by defects in rented premises
  • Dog attacks.

If ever you are injured in a public place, you should report the incident immediately to the person or body responsible for the premises where the injury took place, preferably in writing. It is important that when you consult your medical practitioner, you ensure that he/she takes detailed notes as to the circumstances in which you were injured. You should then consult a Solicitor.

If you are successful in prosecuting your claim, you will be entitled, depending on the severity of your injuries, to the following:

  1. Lump sum compensation for “pain and suffering” on a sliding scale of up to a maximum of $350,000.00.
  2. Your past and future medical and other “incidental” expenses in a lump sum.
  3. Past and future loss of wages and superannuation in a lump sum.
  4. If applicable, past and future domestic home care and assistance paid in a lump sum.
  5. Other special needs paid in a lump sum.

Whether it be a damages claim, negligence claim, loss of income claim, claim for medical expenses, slip and fall claim, lump sum claim, personal injury claim or any other any accident claim, we have the right Compensation Lawyer to meet your legal requirements.

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