A person who holds himself or herself out to be an expert in any specific field is obliged to exercise a reasonable degree of skill and care in his/her work. If a professional doprofessional-medicales not uphold his/her obligation to exercise necessary skill and care, the client may make a claim for compensation if the professional’s conduct resulted in a loss to the client.

The necessary ingredient in this area of law is causation. In order for such claim to succeed, a plaintiff must satisfy to the court that the negligent act of the professional actually caused the loss.

Medical negligence claims are brought against any medical practitioner, specialist or Hospital for injuries sustained by a claimant as a result of negligence on the part of the health care provider.

At Parramatta City Legal, we can assist you in successfully prosecuting your negligence claim. In most case, we will agree to run your case on a speculative no win / no fee basis which applies to our professional costs only.

As your Traffic and Compensation Lawyers and Solicitors we will fight hard to ensure that any individual or entity responsible for medical negligence or professional negligence is made accountable. We will run yourcompensation claim or damages claim with all due skill, care and diligence. Your lump sum entitlement will be sought after and will comprise of damages and/or compensation for lost income, pain and suffering (general damages / non-economic loss) loss of superannuation benefits, damages for gratuitous home care and assistance, past and future medical expenses and special damages if applicable.

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