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It is not at all uncommon that an accident will befall an individual. In fact, as unfortunate as it sounds, accidents occur regularly, such that one should expect them to be just around the corner. It is important that people exercise all due care and diligence to prevent against avoidable and undesirable injuries and/or death. However, it is inevitable that some incidents will occur notwithstanding the considerable measures taken to avoid them. They are sometimes destined to intervene in a person’s life, which provides a difficult life challenge. Insurance to guard against the financial hardship that flows from personal injury is often an important consideration. Such insurance can take many forms and offer different levels of coverage depending on the type of policy that is selected by an individual or entity.

Accidents that result in personal injury can be intentional or unintentional. Accidents that are intentional often involve more sinister circumstances where an individual assailant or perpetrator is completely to blame for the incident. In such circumstances, a different level of protection is necessary. This is where the professional legal services of a personal injury lawyer are critical. One might firstly pose the question, what do personal injury lawyers actually do? Personal injury lawyers are often engaged when a 3rd party is involved in an incident resulting in harm or the death of a person. Accidents can occur at any given time. They can take place at work, in a public place, on a road or on private premises, just to name a few. When the injured party is not entirely to blame, the other party (whether a club, government entity, company, car owner or dog owner) will need to be notified and joined to the litigation. The case will often require the assistance of medical and paramedical officers who provide care and treatment to the injured party. They will be called upon to assess injuries and other damages that are sustained as a result of the accident sued upon. In the event that the individual or entity liable for the injury or death (the tortfeasor) does not agree to accept responsibility, you will definitely require the skills and expertise of a personal injury lawyer to guide you through the legal framework surrounding such claims.

A personal injury compensation lawyer is often involved in building up a claim for damages at the early stages of proceedings. The 1st important step that a lawyer needs to take is to obtain a thorough and detailed statement from the injured party. It will often be the case that photographs of the area where the incident occurred will be sought in order to preserve the evidence about the state of the environs where the injury occurred. Your personal injury lawyer will then conduct further investigations to determine the issue of liability. Initially, to save costs, a competent personal injury lawyer will invite the liable party to concede liability for the injuries and disabilities sustained by his or her client. In the event that liability is denied, further enquiries will be made about the circumstances surrounding the subject incident. Often, statements will be obtained from witnesses who saw the event unfold. Steps can also be taken to obtain surveillance footage from various businesses or entities involved in litigation.

The next important step that a personal injury compensation lawyer takes is to paint the medical picture of the case. You should receive documents to be signed that authorise your treating doctors to release their files concerning their past and ongoing treatment of you. Your personal injury lawyer will obtain the clinical records of your GP, the hospital you attended and any specialists or other treaters from whom you received medical attention. Medical reports will also be obtained from treating doctors. Your personal injury lawyer will also be charged with the responsibility of qualifying medico-legal specialists to specifically assess your injuries and provide some medical guidance as to the level of compensation and/or damages that ought to be awarded in your case. Once the medical case is established, further communications will take place between your personal injury lawyer and the insurer in an attempt to resolve the matter without the need to commence legal proceedings for personal injury. If the medical opinions are not too far apart, your compensation lawyer should be able to broker a sensible offer of settlement from the insurer or its solicitor. In that instance, your claim will be brought to an end once and for all. There are some cases, where your personal injury lawyer will obtain a settlement which is open-ended that allows for future payments of compensation and medical expenses. This will depend on the type of personal injury claim that is brought. In the event that a compromised resolution of the claim is not achieved, then your personal injury lawyer will proceed to commence proceedings against the liable party. This will usually take place in the District Court or Supreme Court of New South Wales. The personal injury lawyer will then proceed with the prosecution of your claim with all due skill, care and diligence right through to the final hearing. Personal injury claims usually run for between 2 to 5 days. More complex cases can run for 2 weeks or more. When your case is allocated a hearing date, your legal representative will engage a barrister to represent you at the hearing. Your barrister is a highly qualified and experienced advocate who can run your case proficiently before a single judge or several appeal judges in a higher court.

Personal injury lawyers can also be referred to as injury compensation lawyers. We are highly proficient and adept at representing people who are the victims of civil wrongs suffering from past and future economic loss, past and future loss of earnings, pain and suffering, damage to property, medical expenses and gratuitous/paid care. When a victim of personal injury suffers from such damages, it is important that they retain experienced and competent lawyers to handle their claim. It is often the case that when an unrepresented party seeks damages or losses from a tortfeasor, they are quickly brushed aside or offered a token, often insulting settlement offer to finalise their claim. It is when a reputable and experienced personal injury compensation lawyer is engaged that greater cooperation is elicited from the opposing party. The liable party will then be more prepared to make more sensible and reasonable offers of settlement to adequately compensate the injured person for their injuries and disabilities. Unfortunately, there are cases of individuals who, without the proper representation, do not recover anywhere near the full extent of their legal entitlements. At Parramatta City Legal, we provide you with the best legal advice and support to maximise all your rights to damages and compensation pursuant to your personal injury claim.

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