Divorce Lawyers in Parramatta

When parties to a marriage are satisfied that the relationship has irretrievably broken down, an application for divorce can be made twelve (12) months after separation. There are some allowances for attempted reconciliation during that twelve-month period and if a marriage has lasted less than two years, counseling is mandatory. This is according to the jurisdiction of Sydney and Parramatta.

It is critical to note that divorce is a separate process to parenting issues and property settlement. Time limits also apply to separation. It is important that you consult a Family Law Solicitor or Lawyer to discuss all your separation and divorce issues. The assistance of divorce lawyers is extremely necessary in such issues.

When two people separate, it does not necessarily follow that they will obtain a divorce. It can, however, markedly alter your life situation. Parramatta City Legal divorce lawyers Parramatta can offer you the assistance for separation and with professional advice to help you through this trying period. Our divorce law services are geared towards ensuring that your emotional and financial interests are best looked after. Our Parramatta based divorce lawyers help in every step.

Particularly when children are involved in a separation case, emotional support can be instrumental in facilitating the needs of all concerned so that they may adapt to change and their heightened feelings. We are pleased that we can offer our clients referrals to able-bodied institutions to provide specialised counselling sessions, as appropriate. You can even consult our divorce lawyers in Parramatta if you want to patch up.

Equally burdensome is the financial pressure that flows from separation and/or divorce. Issues such as property distribution, child and spousal maintenance, reconsideration of your Will and so forth can all be very stressful to the typical litigant. At first instance, Parramatta City Legal divorce lawyers Parramatta, in the interests of saving time and costs in separation, will endeavour to resolve all financial matters between you and your ex-spouse/partner amicably, without the intervention of the Court. If the matter does need to go to Court however, our divource lawyers in Parramatta are suitably competent and experienced to maximise your entitlement and finalise the proceedings at the earliest possible time.

In cases where parties in Sydney or Parramatta have been separated for 12 months or more, either party may make application to the Court for a Divorce provided that there has been an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. This is a separate process which Parramatta City Legal divorce lawyers Parramatta can also assist you with. It is important to note though that obtaining a divorce does not settle the issues relating to the parental responsibility of children and property division.

For matters related to divorce and separation, please contact our office to book an appointment with one of our Parramatta based divorce lawyers. You can call us on (02) 8355 4306.