Compensation Lawyers Parramatta

What is Personal Injury / Compensation Law?

Compensation law encompasses a broad spectrum of situations where individuals sustain physical or psychological harm or injury. In most cases, there is a requirement that the injury or harm was caused by the negligence of another person or entity. There are specific laws that deal separately with workplace injuries, injuries from motor vehicle accidents, injuries that occur in public places, injuries suffered by victims of crime, injuries that occur on privately owned premises and injuries from professional negligence.

The various pieces of legislation and Judge-made law dictate what entitlements an individual will receive, depending on how the injury was sustained and whether the circumstances of the accident were covered by State or Commonwealth legislation.

When are you eligible for compensation?

If you have sustained any form of injury or harm in the workplace, in a public place (such as a shopping centre) in a motor vehicle accident, as a result of an act of violence, as a result of improper medical treatment or as a result of any wrongful act or omission of another person or entity, you may be entitled to compensation and/or damages.

The compensation and/or damages that you may seek to recover will include non-economic loss (pain and suffering) past and future loss of earnings, past and future medical expenses, past and future domestic care and assistance, loss of superannuation benefits, loss of opportunity, travel expenses, tax paid on workers compensation benefits, interest and legal costs.

What can Parramatta City Legal Compensation Lawyers Parramatta do for you?

Parramatta City Legal compensation lawyers Parramatta have the skills and expertise to prosecute your personal injury claim whether such action arises from:

  • a workplace injury;
  • a car accident;
  • an accident at a supermarket;
  • injuries sustained in the course of medical treatment; or
  • an injury sustained while you are lawfully on private or public property.

Our team of compensation lawyers in Parramatta will initially consult with you on an obligation free basis to obtain your detailed instructions and form an opinion as to whether your claim has reasonable prospects of success. We will then investigate your claim and commence legal proceedings against the relevant defendant. Parramatta City Legal compensation lawyers Parramatta are proficient in gathering all the necessary evidence to ensure that you recover the highest level of compensation and/or damages you are entitled to.

Our team of compensation lawyers understand that the litigation process can be complicated and tiresome to most people. The process need not be, with the guidance and assistance of our skilled and experienced staff. We pride ourselves on keeping our clientele fully informed of their matters at each significant juncture. We pride ourselves on being transparent and fully accessible to our clients so that they are not left in the dark, wondering what is happening with their case.

Parramatta City Legal compensation lawyers Parramatta can assess your financial situation and offer you a conditional costs agreement that fits your financial needs. We are experienced in dealing with the large, profit driven insurers and not deterred by their sometimes unreasonable and dogmatic approach to legitimate claims. When the course becomes treacherous and sometimes daunting, we pick up the baton and strive to achieve maximum results for our clients even when at times they may have lost hope themselves. We are not deterred by difficult cases.

At the heart of our policies and values is the need to keep costs to a minimum and ensure that the legal work carried out is proportionate to the value and subject matter of the claim. We work with our clients in an honest and forthright manner. We are committed, at the conclusion of any claim, to ensure that the legal fees incurred are not disproportionately high to the amount of money recovered from the insurer.

Different areas of practice within Compensation Law

At Parramatta City Legal our compensation lawyers provide FREE initial specialised advice to provide you with an honest and realistic assessment of your case to enable you to make an informed decision about how to proceed with your matter. We understand that people with personal injury claims often experience financial hardship. In the vast majority of cases, we offer a No Win / No Fee policy in respect of our professional fees to help you get back on your feet. Contact us today to arrange an obligation free initial consultation with one of our Compensation Lawyers. Our office is conveniently located at Parramatta, Sydney.