Commercial and Civil Litigationcivil-commercial-litigation

PARRAMATTA CITY LEGAL strives to settle disputes in an amicable fashion but understands that on certain occasions, litigation is an unavoidable fact of life. As litigation can be an expensive process, we try to deliver our legal services in the most cost-effective manner for our clients. We always have close involvement so that our clients are fully aware of what to expect in Court and always try to resolve disputes in the most efficient way.

With years of dispute resolution experience in civil and commercial litigation, Parramatta City Legal provides legal services for the following areas:

  • Debt collections, bankruptcy and corporate insolvency;
  • Contract and commercial disputes;
  • Trade practices disputes;
  • Copyright infringement;
  • Insurance disputes;
  • Construction disputes (for domestic and commercial ventures);
  • Business/corporate dissolution;
  • Statutory Demand; and
  • Enforcement of Judgement.

Commercial Litigation is a trial or a controversial issue related to business subjects. Commercial Law relates to handling of business issues in an effective manner.