Commercial and Civil Litigationcivil-commercial-litigation

What is Civil Litigation?

The best way to grasp civil litigation is to contrast a defendant in criminal proceedings being tried/prosecuted for a crime with a defendant in civil proceedings being sued for monetary damages or some other civil remedy..

When two or more individuals or entities become involved in a legal battle seeking damages or some other relief, civil litigation is what in ensues. A legal practitioner who practices in civil litigation is known as a litigation lawyer or trial lawyer.

Often, mediation and/or arbitration are dispute resolution processes that endeavour to guide the parties towards a compromised resolution of proceedings so as to avoid the stress, time and expense associated with a final hearing.

Civil litigation encapsulates a wide variety of practice areas including contractual disputes, personal injury proceedings, building disputes, debt recovery, probate and many more

Areas of practice within Civil Litigation

  • Administrative law
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Contract law
  • Debt Recovery
  • Franchising
  • Insurance law
  • Professional negligence
  • Property & leasing disputes
  • Building & Construction disputes (for domestic and commercial ventures)
  • Statutory Demand; and
  • Enforcement of Judgement

What can Parramatta City Legal do for you?

Parramatta City Legal makes a conscientious effort to find a solution to the issues confronting opposing parties in civil matters. We can make a market difference to the way legal disputes are handled in your particular case.

Parramatta City Legal will initially pursue alternative dispute resolution measures to resolve your case in a just, cost-effective and timely manner. We have litigated a wide variety of civil disputes. We have the skills and experience to properly guide you through the practices and procedures of the relevant court that will adjudicate on your matter.

Our tactical approach to managing, minimising risk and prosecuting all forms of claims ensures that you can achieve the best results in litigation with adequate protection against adverse costs orders that can often render any court victory a Pyrrhic victory.

We have proven strategies that are effective in simplifying and resolving the most complex of cases. When required, if a matter is destined for trial, we have the case management skills and expert evidence capabilities to run your matter in a robust and dynamic fashion to guarantee the best prospects of success.

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