• Introduction to Divorce and Separation Law in Australia

    Practicing in the field of Divorce Law, we are frequently asked questions by our clients who are at the initial stages of filing a divorce application. We decided to put together a few key points regarding Divorce Law in Australia. Parramatta City Legal divorce lawyers Parramatta work with the highest level of compassion and carefully

  • CTP (Green Slip) Changes New South Wales

    The New South Wales Government has announced that it will be looking to overhaul the NSW CTP Green Slip Scheme. The government claims that the proposed changes are intended to reduce the pressure on green slip prices. However, any modest reductions to premiums will likely be short lived and come at a huge social cost


    A common problem that litigants in family law matters face is how to deal with the former matrimonial home after the divorce has taken place. One party may be faced with a situation where they cannot afford to obtain alternative accommodation where the other party does not agree to leave the home. The situation is

  • Superannuation TPD Claims

    Total and Permanent Disability claims (known as TPD claims) are claims made against your superannuation fund in situations where you find that your capacity for work has substantially diminished. Different funds adopt different tests to determine whether you are totally and permanently impaired. This often involves an assessment of your weekly capacity to work and