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At Parramatta City Legal, our Practice Focus is Personal Injury, Family Law and Property/Conveyancing. Our team of Solicitors and Barristers have many years of collective legal experience in all these areas. We are strongly focused on client commitment and ensuring that the advice proffered best facilitates conflict resolution; reducing the potential for long and protracted disputes; and resolving all matters in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Our specialist knowledge in these fields allows us to equip our clients with a sensible and realistic assessment of their case so that they can form a proper view as to a just and fair result. Our practice is results driven. We place a strong emphasis on problem-solving, with the vital ethos that you cannot solve a problem by adopting the same thinking that created it. Parramatta City Legal adopts flexible and innovative measures in achieving the absolute maximum results for its clients.

Family Lawyers

Our Principal, Consultants and panel of Barristers are experienced in dealing with relationship breakdown, divorce and separation. Our solicitors gear their services to ensuring you are supported through every stage of your family law proceedings, on both a financial and emotional level.

Personal Injury / Compensation Lawyers

At Parramatta City Legal, our Compensation Lawyers offer the following services:

Workers Compensation Example:

Employers often organise events, parties or activities where injuries can sometimes occur. Such events should normally be covered by workers’ compensation. Suppose John had a few too many drinks at one of these events, then stumbles down on the way to the bathroom and breaks his arm. A similar scenario is Fred dancing at the same event and tripping over, causing a slipped disc in his back. Both of these instances are examples of where workers’ compensation legislation is designed to provide injured workers with the support they need to restore themselves to their pre-injury position.

We have a No Win No Fee policy that applies to all compensation claims. We also don’t charge any professional unless your claim is successful.

 Michelle of St Clair writes:

“I would highly recommend Parramatta City Legal to anyone needing legal advice. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but with the help of Mr Dahlan making me

aware of my rights and explaining every aspect of my case…”

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Law Services

Whether you’re seeking Legal Advice to divide your former matrimonial property or wish to settle the living arrangements of your children, we can help in a caring and supportive manner with a strong emphasis on conciliation so that your legal costs may be kept to a minimum. In most cases, our costs can be paid at the end. Read More

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